RBTO, Carlo Bernardino, HiraBeat - Move On

from by RBTO



[Verse 1:RBTO]
I jot down a line
To redesign
The feeble minds
That waste their time
And redefine
Vocation rhymes
They patronize
Through all the lies
You’ll be surprised
To realize
That it’s an evil crime
To make you believe you’re fine
And make you forget that
You wanted to live a life
Now you’re a sacrifice
Livin’ the world’s device
Sittin' like merchandise
Now is it worth the price?
Lemmie get a move on
Cause this road ain't movin' itself
They say that walkin’s good for your health
So ima take my steady steps
Until I reach the final stretch
And never give you any less than I possess

Now lemmie get a move on

[Verse 2:RBTO]
This chick that leaves me breathless
I know I wanna breathe
But I couldn’t find the exit
This highway’s goin' haywire
And this busted tire’s tryin’ to prove that there will be no second hand buyers
I ain't a liar
I be chasin’ my desire
And I feel hella tired but I guess im also inspired
In my attire ima drive till I perspire
Cause im harnessing the fire to further this little empire
Time to gas up at the Pitstop
They had ten kegs of fuel and was listening to HipHop
My wrist watch whispered time was an illusion
So I got to the conclusion like a student

[Hook 2:RBTO]
We gotta get a move on!
Cause these dreams don’t weave themselves
It's do or die and ima pry apart this sordid shell
Expose the hell that they camouflage with all their spells
So ya’ll could tell the time like
We gotta get a move on!

[Verse 3:RBTO]
Change the world with a vacuum
And if you need proof try to clean up your bathroom
It only takes you a little motivation
Plus some concentration
For this consecration that im demonstrating
I hope in penetrating everything you’re emulating
I hope im elevating everything you’re celebrating
While im regenerating
Entertaining ways to renovate your whole perception in it
And im the best releavin’ stress while im progressin’ with it
So more or less I pass the test if im presented with it/
And if I don’t I'd rather choke
And go for broke
If it’s the only way to let these people know

[Hook 3:RBTO]
That’s how you get a move on!
I said it
You get it
Heavy poetic aesthetics
Embedded so epic
You never expected
To be affected
So check the credits
It’s all in the edit
As long as you ment it
You’ll never regret it
Now you gotta move on


from INVERSE, released April 26, 2012
Carlo Bernardino on Bass
Hirabeat on Beatbox




RBTO Manila, Philippines

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